Wood bleach

wood bleachBy bleaching of a surface from a tree mean change of colour of the natural colouring peculiar to given breed of wood or got by it at processing by various painting substances.Natural colour of wood happens various depending on breed of a tree: at a linden it white, at a maple – white-grey, at a birch – white-pink, at an ash-tree, an elm, a cedar – light-brown, at an apple-tree – krasnovato-brown, at an alder – light brown, at a pine – from light yellow to buro-red, at a nut tree – from light brown to dark brown with dark strips. In due course wood of all breeds darkens, and it is difficult to paint and finish such surface in light tone. In this case it bleach.
Means for wood bleach exists much, but only of them it is possible to recommend some for application in house conditions. To such means hydrogen peroxide.

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